About me:

The short story:

Los Angeles based whole animal butcher. Owner of Standing's Butchery.

The long(ish) story:

I want to change the way you think about meat. I want to change the way everyone thinks about meat. And how they buy it, eat it, how the restaurants and markets you go to purchase and prepare it. Everyone. Everything. Total change. 

You see, meat eating has always been an ethical issue for me, ever since my first job in a grocery store meat department when I was a teenager.

That experience led me to stop eating meat entirely for several years, until - for exactly the same ethical reasons that made me stop working with meat in the first place - I reentered the meat industry. This time I was set on making positive change. I realized that as a non-meat-eater I wasn't actually putting any pressure on the meat industry to change it's practices, but, as a more conscientious consumer (and later a purveyor) I could actually help to make a real difference. 

But whoa! That got real heavy real quick. So...

On a lighter note: 

Here are a few things I'm passionate about:

  • Meat (duh)
  • Educating people about the meat they eat
  • Reeeeeaaalllly perfectly frenched rib bones
  • Handsaws not Bandsaws
  • Other stuff!

At Standing's Butchery (my shop in Los Angeles) I buy animals directly from the farmers who raise them here in California. My crew and I break them down by hand and love finding creative ways of using the entire carcass. We really love talking to customers about what they're cooking, and we love being a part of that experience. 

This site serves as an extension of that philosophy for me. Here I can share my passion with the whole world. I encourage comments, emails, and active engagement from everyone. Let me know what you think, ask questions, tell me what you want to see. 

Also, follow my Instagram account. That's where all the realtime fun is happening!

- Jered


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